Finally! Weight Loss Success

Without Dieting, Eating Packaged Foods, Taking Potentially Dangerous Diet Pills Or Patches, And Without Strenuous Exercise Programs At The Local Gym.

Now you can look better, feel better, and you could “lose all the weight you want” without feeling hungry, or suffering those wild cravings for all the fatty foods. Plus, our new revolutionary “Gastro Band Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program” is safe, effective, non-invasive and affordable too.   

The Virtual Gastro Band Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program really is a revolution in weight management and better health because...
it could provide the results you have always been hoping for without all the risks, deprivation, cravings, fad diets and the sky high cost of stomach surgery.

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The program was originally conceived when one of our clients came to us for help after having a Lap-Band® placed around her stomach surgically. Besides having to be on a liquid diet, she experienced pain, upset stomach, fear and anxiety, but no weight loss. We wanted to help. So we designed the Gastro Band Hypnosis program so we could help our clients lose weight in a safe, comfortable and easy way.

Although we were able to eliminate many of her issues using hypnotherapy, we became convinced that no one should suffer like she did. So we set about creating a program based on the idea of the current surgical stomach procedures and we combined this concept with proven hypnosis strategies which would allow our clients while in the state of hypnosis, to mentally place a virtual gastric-type-band around their stomachs. The result is safe, comfortable, and effective weight loss without the hassles associated with dieting and various weight loss plans.

Unless you can affect change at the subconscious level of the mind, where our emotions and feelings are stored, long term weight loss is impossible. “Whatever our subconscious mind imagines to be true, becomes true.” So, when we teach the subconscious mind to create its own band around the stomach, we have established a powerful resource for change. That's why hypnosis, combined with the popular surgical band concept, is such a powerful and effective tool for rapid change in our beliefs and behavior.


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