The Gastro Band Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program

Imagine having the rapid weight loss results that are usually achieved by having a Lap-Band® surgically fitted around your stomach during a hospital stay, but without the surgery, the risks and, of course, the extremely high costs. Well, now you can!

The program is called, “The Gastro-Band-Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program” and it's truly a new revolution in weight management. It is also the best long term solution to your overweight problems.

It offers so many positive benefits that none of the other weight loss plans can compare.

  • First, it's totally safe.
  • Second, it's completely natural so, there are no risks.
  • Third, there are no pills or prescription drugs to take.
  • Fourth, there is no counting calories and  figuring out complicated weight loss planners and menus.
  • Fifth,there are no excessive exercise programs to follow (though mild exercise is important for your health and good weight management)
  • Sixth, there are no hunger pangs, dieting or distractions throughout the day with unwanted cravings.

But, the best part of the Gastro Band Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program is that it's effective, it's safe, it's easy, and it really works!  (take a look at some of our testimonials)

Another plus is it doesn't cost $10,000 to $15,000 like Lap-Band® surgery or several thousands like many other weight loss programs can cost. So, it's very affordable for the average person.

How Does It Work?

Let's use the Lap-Band® surgery model. Usually the surgery is only carried out on people who have been classified as, “obese” with a high body mass index usually over 30.

The Lap-Band® is surgically placed around the stomach to actually reduce the size of the stomach. Therefore, you eat smaller portions and feel full sooner. Through this method you lose weight easily.

By using this same model, but recreating the experience virtually, and by employing the proven hypnotherapy methods, we are able to help your mind establish an imaginary band around your stomach and therefore you experience the same results, and sometimes even better results as Lap-Band® surgery but, without all the downside.

The Gastro Band Hypnosis™ Weight Loss Program consists of 6 sessions. Each session is approximately 1 hour in length. During these sessions we analyze your eating behaviors and discover your emotional eating triggers. At the same time we establish your mind's belief in having a band around your stomach which we call a “gastro band.” These two methods together allow you to eat less and feel full making weight loss easy, safe, and effective.

There is of course, so much more information we wish to share with you about the program and we know that you may well have many question for us. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you call us and setup a free, no obligation consultation to get all the facts and answers to your questions.


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