Gastro Band Hypnosis Weight Loss Certification Training Program

March 21 & 22, 2015
In Beautiful Phoenix, Arizona
Last Class in Sedona, Arizona Filled Quickly so ACT NOW!

Supplement your medical, wellness or healthcare practice, motivational clinic or hypnosis office with an effective weight loss program.

Sedona Creative Life Center

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Don Rice and Sandi Graves

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Don Rice and Sandi Graves

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The fact is, the public desire for weight loss help is always in high demand. Nearly 60% of the adult population wants to lose weight at any given time of the year, and it is not just about looking good for swim suit season. Current obesity rates are at all-time highs. Even our government has been trying to find solutions to this national health crisis. Can you think of a time that certified weight loss practitioners have been more necessary?

Take a moment and do the math to determine the size of your community. Multiply that number by 60%, and you have the average number of people right around you who are looking for help to lose weight, today. They're ready and highly motivated to pay somebody to help them, so, why not let that person be you?

What makes the Gastro-Band Weight Loss Program so appealing to the public is that it's based on the concept of lap-band surgery but, without the giant costs, risks and hospital stay associated with that surgery. It also offers fantastic results that are affordable.

Building a client base around this method of weight loss is much less expensive than any other weight loss program out there because both the public and the media love the Gastro-Band Hypnosis Weight loss concept. It's very appealing to them, and therefore easier for you to get publicity. “Free advertising" has never been an unknown concept for us as we get it all the time.

Using hypnosis to lose weight has been featured on Dr Oz, CBS, Fox News, CNN and Good Morning America and more.

Sandi and Don were featured locally on CBS 5 News and FOX 10 News.

Our goal for this training is simple. We want to help you increase your business, work half as much time, and do something you can enjoy while simultaneously helping people to improve the quality of their mental and physical health and well-being. What could be better than that?

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The Three “Essential Secrets” Of Success in Gastro-Band Hypnosis Weight Loss Training

Secret #1: A Proven Marketing System That Works.

We will give you a proven marketing system that works and will achieve consistent success. You want to fill your office with people highly motivated to lose weight and invest the time and money required to get the best results possible.

The originators of this training program have spent endless hours and thousands of dollars testing various advertising and marketing strategies.They have discovered what works and what doesn't. Our system works. You'll learn the most important advertising and interviewing techniques during the training, from lead generation to closing the sale.

Everything is included in this training, nothing extra to buy.

Secret #2: Specialized Training in Gastro-Band Weight Loss

“It's better to spend years looking for the right teacher than it is to spend years studying under the wrong teacher” Old Chinese Proverb. You have found the best!

If you're not trained by a master, you'll never become a master. This training program has been built on the experience of people who are doing this work every single day, getting great results and being well paid doing it.

Don and Sandi have done the clinical testing, made all the mistakes, and invested thousands of dollars to figure out the secret. Now we want to share with you. This means you don't have to waste your time and money walking blindly into the dark. Just take the training and duplicate our success.

Secret # 3: Turning Knowledge Into Action

Knowledge is power but, not without action. With this program we will provide everything you need to begin making a great income within one day of completing Don and Sandi's training. You will have the confidence to get your name and specialty out into the community and build your own Gastro-Band Hypnosis practice.

You will learn step by step how to develop a strong following of clients. From the moment they contact you until they complete their last session, you will have a road-map that lays out each successful step.

You can call us anytime at 480-577-0264
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The Gastro-Band Hypnosis Certification Training Program

Day 1
9am until 5pm
Marketing System

  • Testimonials from previous clients.
  • Learn the actual strategies we use to be successful.
  • How to sell Gastro-Band Hypnosis Weight Loss to your market.
  • How to close the sale during the free consultation and get paid in full for all six sessions of the program up-front.
  • Script for consultation.
  • Where to advertise and how, including actual samples we use.
  • How to position yourself as the weight loss expert in your community.
  • How to sell the client extra sessions.
  • Receive a manual of actual marketing tools.
  • CD full of promotional materials and all you have to do is plug your name and number in.
  • Complete Stress Reduction and Motivation Hypnosis Session on CD

Day 2
9am until 4pm
Gastro Band Hypnosis Procedures

The entire day will be devoted to hands on training including: demonstrations, practice of “can't fail” techniques working right from the scripts you will be receiving, and time for Q & A.

How to conduct the 1st. Session
How to conduct the 2nd. Session
How to conduct the 3rd. Session
How to conduct the 4th. Session
How to conduct the 5th. Session
How to conduct the 6th. Session
Plus: a thorough explanation of the Gastro-Band Hypnosis procedure

Call us anytime at 480-577-0264
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Meet Your Weight Loss Trainer

Donald H. Rice, CHDonald H. Rice CH is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist in private practice in Phoenix, Az and recipient of the Ormand McGill Award, with nearly twenty-five years of experience. He has trained medical doctors, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals in the methods of applied hypnosis in a health/medical  practice. He has produced and conducted seminars for professionals and the general public around the country. He is also an in demand trainer at the National Guild of Hypnotists annual convention, a conference for practicing hypnotherapists. He has appeared on TV, radio, cruise ships, and has been a featured hypnosis stage comedy act in Las Vegas. Don is also published in several international print media and contributes to many online magazines and professional trade publications. He is considered to be one of the country's leading hypnotherapists. Presently he is co-founder of the new,, and sole owner of Don Rice and His Parade Of Stars and Don Rice Clinics.

Sandi Graves, C.H.Sandi Graves BCH is a Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist in private practice in Phoenix, Az. She achieved her professional certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists in 2008 and is already being recognized as one of the new up and coming leaders in her profession. She is becoming a respected trainer at professional conventions and her practice is being filled by people from around the country. She is currently the Vice President of the Arizona Society of Professional Hypnotists and holds a seat on the fund raising committee for the Phoenix Professional Business Women and a Charter Member of the "Ahwatukee Power Team" of BNI. She is President of Arizona Family Hypnosis and co-developer of, and and sole-owner of Arizona Family Hypnosis.  Presently, she has focused on her clinical practice by providing services to clients from around the world through phone sessions.

Let's Review What You Will Receive Over
The Two Days Of Training

  1. You will learn specific hypnosis techniques for success in Gastro Band Hypnosis weight loss techniques only available through the seminar
  2. Hands on teaching with one-on-one guidance for the entire 2 days
  3. You will receive a complete workbook of the training
  4. You will receive all the scripts necessary to book clients, close clients, and work with clients through all six sessions.
  5. You will learn what we do to earn daily success.
  6. All your questions and concerns will be addressed
  7. You will receive a GBH certificate to display on your wall
  8. You will receive authorization to use the Gastro-Band Hypnosis name and Logo
  9. You will receive 18 CEU credit hours for GBH training

Don insists on keeping their seminars small and personal and this popular seminar can fill in just days.  
Don’t allow this opportunity to escape you. Open a new path for your life……….

Please keep in mind that we are limited by space, time and commitment so we can only take a small number of students in this training. We are not sure when we will conduct the next training. This may be it for an entire year as our schedule is very busy at this time. So, don't delay!

Sign up today while it's on your mind!

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Would you like to know what our other students have said about this complete training program?

"I've made more money with this program in 1 week than my highest earning month EVER! You have me making money doing what I love!"

"Thank You Don and Sandi!!!"

"Great teaching techniques, fun, wonderful... "

"it has been a long time since I enjoyed a class so much - the information, the setting and the place was all great! Congratulations it was a super successful class..."

"Love your class. Thank you Again" - Noemi.

"Hi and thank you again for the informative, kind, and professional presentation."

"I have started a very interesting journey because of your dedication to making people better. For this I will be forever grateful. I’ll keep you posted as it goes along..." - Dolores

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